Supremely, elegant and refined

Maer Charme offers an exclusive selection of semi-precious stones that elegantly ennobles any interior. Created in the mysterious laboratories of nature, these stones blend harmoniously into authentic artwork, made available to customers in the form of unique pieces of special furniture, kitchen furniture, bathrooms, floors and office furniture. To provide durability and resilience to destructive environmental factors, the company uses advanced technology in production, and in surface treatment, it is turning to a process involving nanotechnology. In this way, the products retain their properties for longer, showing impeccably, with minimal maintenance and cleaning effort. With each Maer Charme product, the company expresses the purest essence of luxury and extravagance, making it’s place among the world's most important semiprecious stone producers.
After years of research and testing in our own laboratories, our research and development department has succeeded in creating unique colors that are found in Agate Delta, Sabara, Agate Diamond and Umbra, Agate Blue, Agate Athens, Agate Phoenix.

The coloring process is accomplished by thermochemical reactions in the depth of the material.

We continue to invest in equipment to produce colors and products, which we hope will delight your eyes.

Part of the nature’s repertoire, these stones are exceptional raw masterpieces, admired and appreciated since ancient times, been classified by their gems under the renowned name of semiprecious stones.

Created in nature’s mysterious laboratories, over many thousands of years, these stones are just one of the sources forms where the absolute beauty originated. Their structure is a perfect architecture of small crystals coming in an infinite array of colors and depths.

These semiprecious stones expressing the essence of elegance, class and beauty, are the ultimate touch of perfection for any interior, from classic to modern, from romantic to contemporary... Touches of gold and silver, a large choice of textures and colors expand and enhance their ability to fit any interior or design. We can create unique, exclusive pieces with any dimensions and also a variety of applications including kitchen & bathroom surfaces, work surfaces, counter tops, floors, walls, furniture, special features and more.

We pride ourselves in the fact that all our products are handmade and possibility of our client to supervise the building process. This way we are sure that Our quality and design will exceed your expectations and you will have already established a personal relationship with the product.

Our building standards are centered around the careful checking of raw materials, so we offer the best available on the market. Some of our standards include: dimensions, color / shine, crystallization and no impurities.