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MAER Charme Romania is proud to announce the launch of the new LIGHT&CLEAR Semiprecious Stones Collection.

LIGHT&CLEAR Collection is the result of more than 2 years of continuous research for our mixed team of Romanian and Italian engineers and designers and represents our passion for beautiful and high technology.

LIGHT&CLEAR Collection complies with the highest standards in terms of:

  • weight for special applications
  • open fire resistance coefficient (no smoke and burning particles)
  • extreme temperature variations
  • compressive strength

LIGHT&CLEAR Collections materials offer a superb transparency, so that smart illumination will create an exquisite atmosphere both for private and public spaces.

Technical testing results:

  • 0% deformation after 140 celsius degrees ( 284 Fahrenheit ) 24h continuous exposure
  • Special quality materials are used in order to assure maximum UV resistance, with special colors development in MAER laboratories (Blue Agathe color is 100% result of MAER laboratories research)
  • We deliver various product dimensions, with a maximum of 140x250cm (55.12x98.43 inch) or “cut to size”
  • Minimum thickness of the stone is 4mm, depending on the natural resistance of each stone type.